Mobile Platform Features

Mobile Keywords & Short Codes

  • When people text your keyword, the system opts their mobile number into your database
  • Uses can also opt-in from your website or your Facebook Fan Page with social widgets
  • Automatic, customized replies are texted back to people that text your Mobile Keyword.
  • People can text your Mobile Keyword followed by a message sent to your inbox or email.
  • Automated messages can be sent to any new keyword signups.

Easy-to-Use Text Messaging Broadcast Platform

  • Two-way text messaging (chatting) allows you to send messages back and forth to individuals.
  • Recipients of a text broadcast can reply back and their responses will be captured in your Inbox.
  • Compose messages on the web or tie your mobile phone to your account so that when you're not in front of a computer you can send out a single text message from your phone and text everyone in a distribution list.
  • Select only certain area codes to send your text messages to instead of sending to all area codes in a list.
  • Send SMS messages globally (including US, Canada and 200+ countries).
  • Our real-time SMS text messaging system guarantees delivery of your messages to ALL the major cell phone carriers here in the US. The only carriers we currently do not support are Metro PCS, some areas of US Cellular, and T-mobile PRE-PAID plans (post-paid plans are ok).

Advanced Messaging & Delivery

  • Schedule individual messages for future delivery
  • Setup recurring messages to be sent out at certain days and times of the week, month, or year.
  • Personalize mobile texts, instant messages, and emails with Merged Fields and address recipients by name.
  • Send a message to select individual contacts within a distribution list or send to the entire list.
  • Select from over 100 pre-designed email templates or use you own custom HTML.
  • Update your status messages on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter right from Merge Messenger.

Powerful Marketing Tools

  • Create Online Signup Pages for your visitors to populate your distribution lists automatically.
  • Choose from pre-designed Online Signup Page templates or design your own.
  • Import and Export all of your contacts
  • Import a list of opt-in phone numbers into Merge Messenger and filter out all landline numbers so that you send messages to mobile phones only. NOTE: BraveMatters does not allow sending messages to anyone who has not opted-in to receive messages from your business or organization (under any circumstances). The wireless carriers prohibit anyone from sending unsolicited commercial text messages.