More companies are using mobile coupons for big results

Easy opt-in to your list and launch your campaign in minutes

Mobile Coupons are one of the many features of the MergeMessenger platform. Customers can easily and conveniently subscribe to your mobile coupon list by sending a text message to your unique keyword and opt-in to your company's special offers list.

Because most of your customers carry their mobile phones with them at all times, it's easy to opt-in to  mobile coupon offers wherever they interact with your brand, including on and off-line. Print ads and point-of-purchase displays are important opportunities to invite users to sign-up for mobile coupons. And, since the service is 100% permission-based, you can rest assured that each and every subscriber is interested in what your business has to offer.

Sending out your specials via SMS means that a very high percentage of users will read your mobile coupon (often 90% of greater) when you send it. Now you can better time deals to your sales cycle to engage users at the best opportunity to purchase.

There's no need to plan your next coupon mailing or deal with the costs and headache of printing. A mobile coupon campaign can be set up and broadcast in just minutes.

About MergeMessenger's Mobile Coupon Service

  • Reach users wherever and whenever they are with their mobile phones
  • Eliminate printing costs and lead-times for campaigns
  • Encourage adoption through social media sites and your website
  • Launch your next mobile campaign in just a few minutes